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Lion Media was founded by Ilias Kouider in 2017. Ilias’s journey began in 2016 when he started his career as a painting contractor with the student painting company, Collegepro. He worked with them for 2 years, after the first year he saw a big issue with the old traditional ways of doing marketing, i.e door to door and thought there could probably be something more effective for a fraction of the costs. During his time at Collegepro, Ilias won many awards for his hardwork and innovation to the painting industry

So in 2017 he first got into marketing, he tested every single method a contractor could use to market his business online. Over the years his methods have been improved on by trial and error  and now you can benefit from that rather than starting from zero and have access to the most effective one right away

Having been a painting contractor for over 4 years, Ilias knows the in’s and out’s of the contruction business. That is really the biggest differenciator as being someone who actually was in the field for so long compared to other agencies. 

Despite the fact that his business was doing fairly well, Ilias wanted to help other contractors by providing them with the guidance and help they required to get their business to generate them high quality leads in order to be able to grow the right way.

In 2020, Ilias decided to stop his contracting business in order to focus on this full time and help as many people as possible

It is our mission to help you grow

Lion Media is a marketing company that provides you with amazing packages. We have been in business for years now, that means we know the nukes and crannies of home improvement jobs. And as such, nothing is new to us about how you want things done. Over the years of being in business, we have been able to render our services flawlessly by providing leads for thousands of home improvement contractors irrespective of their area of specialization.

We have everything a small business needs to grow from design to marketing and we do it all for you.

All you need to do is sit back give us your business information and we do all the work. Since we do all the work it will free up your time so you can deal with your business

We Provide Results !

Regardless of your industry, you should not be worried about marketing. You should spend your day to day running & growing your business. With Lion Media, you NEVER have to worry about getting enough calls again

We do not have a limit on the number of leads we can generate so you can continuously scale your business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If yes, congratulations! You have just made a decision that will take your construction to the next level. All that is left for you to do is to fill out the construction lead form above.

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