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  • In business since 2017
  • Over 3000 Leads generated/ Month in the home improvement
  • We have helped thousand’s of contractors in all verticals of home improvement   

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How We Generate Painting Leads

Someone needs their house painted, they will search on google for a painter

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we will run marketing on your site and make sure they find you on the first page

They go on there and fill out a form describing their project in detail

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You get their info as soon as that happens and schedule an estimate to go see the work

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You go sit down see what they want and need, and provide them with an estimate

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Win contracts make more sales and keep your guys busy and going

What Makes Us Different?

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When you know the industry as well as Lion Media’s founder, Ilias Kouider, you know how to generate leads and grow a business. We offer painting companies the chance to increase profits through the use of search engine optimization services as well as marketing strategies.

Our experts at Lion Media generate painting leads in a short period of time. We help clients in both the commercial and residential sector improve leads and bring a boost of traffic to their business.

Cheap Painting Leads For Contractors

Among contractors, door-to-door marketing is a common marketing strategy. This antiquated strategy yields some form of results. The only problem is that it casts a wide, untargeted net. The same is true with print advertising and cold calling. Cold calling means that you have to be a salesman. You have to convert a random potential client into a buyer of your services. While you may speak with one hundred people, they are all random selections.

Marketing strategies from our experts at Lion Media use targeted advertising. With this you can ensure that you optimize the impact of your resources. Imagine talking to one hundred interested potential clients. Every lead has expressed interest in the services you provide. It is a major time-saver, and your success rate becomes much higher.

Here is the process we take when a business comes to us:

  • We devise an SEO strategy for your business proven to work.
  • Our team implements the strategy.
  • This strategy allows us to generate leads and get the ball rolling on targeted client selection, which eliminates the need for cold calling.
  • You experience growth, increased profits, and an increased influx of clientele.

Our targeted advertising strategies generate targeted leads, unlike print marketing campaigns. This means each new lead is already one step closer to becoming a client.

Committed and Dedicated Team of Professionals


Our expert team of pros knows the ins and outs of the industry. As contractors ourselves, we have experienced what it is like trying to gain clientele and increase profits. For this reason, we can provide tailored, specific advising that works.

With this dream team of experts, clients get access to:

  • Unique painting leads
  • Metrics of creating targeted leads
  • A “contact made” guarantee from our experts
  • Competition exclusivity- we only work with one company in each area

Grow your business, generate new leads, and expand with our unique and strategic services at Lion Media.

Some Of Our Current / Past Painters :


ML Painting

Having worked with ML for over 3 years now we have helped drastically improve their online presence and increase their online lead flow. We also managed to get them to page one on google in about 6 months for a very competitive keyword in a city with 4 Million people 

College Pro Painters

Having worked with 7 different college pro franchisee, we have generated 100’s of leads for them via google adwords

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